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Chicagoland's Sharpest Entrepreneurs

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  • Scott Melrose

    Steve’s Chicago Mastermind Group is the Best Place to Work on Your Business – Scott Melrose

    Scott Melrose is the Chicago regional manager with Metro Public Adjustment, providing independent representation to homeowners and commercial property owners for claims on property insurance. Scott left the ranks of the rank-and-file members of the group and graduated to Steve Sipress’s Mastermind Group in September 2011, and since then the group has helped him create a new business within his current one, and identify that ...

  • Phil Faris

    Phil Faris: Mastermind Group Gives You Targeted Energy For Sustained Business Progress

    Phil Faris is a business development consultant, coach, speaker, author and the owner of Phil Faris Associates, a management consultancy that promises to be 'Your Partner in Success'. Even though Phil has been incredibly successful in providing strategies to many easily identifiable companies, Phil still felt that he could gain an advantage for his company by joining Steve Sipress's Mastermind group in November 2011. "Before I ...

  • Jim Flickinger

    Jim Flickinger: Will Start You Down the Path of Implementing Kennedy Style Marketing

    Jim Flickinger and his wife, Judy, run the Central DuPage-Wheaton branch of BrightStar Care, managing a team that provides homecare and medical staffing services. Jim joined Steve's Mastermind Group at the beginning of 2012 and was already seeing the benefit after only a couple of months. "Before I joined Steve's Mastermind Group, I was facing challenges in my business with time constraints, ineffective marketing and stagnant ...

  • Rosemary Logisz

    Chicago Mastermind Group: It Pays For Itself! - Rosemary Logisz

    Rosemary Logisz runs Family Chiropractic Healthcare in Schaumburg, Illinois. Before Rosemary joined Chicago's Sharpest Entrepreneurs and Steve Sipress's Mastermind Group in December 2011, she was unfamiliar with GKIC and was unsure how Steve's advice or the Mastermind Group would help her in her challenge to bring in new customers to the Chiropractic Practice. Rosemary believed that our group was directed at higher-end entrepreneurs and small business ...

  • Deborah Northcutt

    Deborah Northcutt - The Chicago Mastermind Group Helps To Stand Out From The Crowd

    Deborah Northcutt is an image consultant and the owner of Design Your Style Now in Plainfield, IL. Deborah is one of the members of our Accelerated Mastermind Group. "I've never been in any kind of mastermind group before so I didn't have any preconceptions. Steve's Accelerated Mastermind Group has given me ways to market my business that are different and no other business is doing. The Mastermind ...

Chicagoland’s Sharpest Entrepreneurs

You’ve found where Chicagoland’s Sharpest Entrepreneurs share their secrets on business and marketing success.

Chicagoland’s Sharpest Entrepreneurs offers you a unique opportunity to learn about a special type of direct marketing that goes against traditional, big, dumb marketing you see around every day.  Our type of marketing is measurable, affordable, and effective — yet we are not right for everybody.

Chicagoland’s Sharpest Entrepreneurs is a resource for entrepreneurs who believe in “outside-the-box” thinking and ideas.  We are completely different than business referral groups and nothing like your local Chamber of Commerce.

We are 100% focused on learning about — and using — marketing that works.

YOUR BIGGEST HURDLE in profiting to the max as a Chicagoland’s Sharpest Entrepreneurs member will be getting over thinking that “my business is different.” YOUR BIGGEST GAIN can be in acquiring the “translate and transfer mindset.”

We are THE place in all of Chicagoland where entrepreneurs seeking FAST AND DRAMATIC GROWTH and greater control, independence and security come together! The single, all-under-one-roof, one-stop-shop source of tested, proven yet original, innovative, even radical strategies for turning ordinary business into extraordinary businesses…for leveraging every offline and online means of attracting customers, clients or patients….for immunizing and insulating yourself from recession…for dramatically increasing your income, decreasing your stress, and making your business your slave rather than master…for learning how to replace your current, struggling business with one that attracts a steady stream of your ideal customers, clients or patients!

Chicagoland’s Sharpest Entrepreneurs is THE place in the Chicago area where truly smart, progressive, aggressive entrepreneurs with a love for marketing, a sincere desire to get rich and richer (with no apologies for doing so), and an optimistic, forward-looking attitude gather to exchange and share timely information and “what’s working today” strategies and examples.

Attend your first Celebration FREE as our guest, so you can hear what others are doing with these effective techniques and strategies, meet some of the sharpest marketers in all of Chicagoland, and then decide for yourself whether this group is for you.

First-Time Guests (who attend the free Fast Start Workshop that starts at 2:00pm) and Chicagoland’s Sharpest Entrepreneurs Members attend for FREE.
For more information and to sign up go to

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